Swing and Lindy MovesGenerations of dancers whether they dance swing and/or Dance Lindy have been learning Swing Dance moves (and Lindy Moves) in a nearly endless variety of styles. Their popularity is due in no little part to the ease with which most men and women can pick up the basics & move on from there to learning enough moves to go out and enjoy themselves in a relatively short amount of time.

History of Swing Dance Moves

Swing dance moves (and Lindy Hop Moves) have a whole range of influences. They are really steps and characteristics of a amount of dance styles, for example they dance Lindy Hop, The Jitterbug,  Fox Trot as well as the Charleston. A lot of dance historians even include of the Waltz as well as the Tango in this list of influences that led eventually led towards the Swing.

Dance Styles

One of the most interesting things about Swing dance moves (and Lindy hop moves) are quantity of variations. In reality, in case you were to take a Swing Dance Lesson in New York City and then to Stockholm Sweden you would likely locate that you need to find out a new or varied set of methods in your new house. Why? Because the dance has evolved into several significant variations, so much so that several of these variations have their own name. Most who enjoy Swing and Lindy may have very little awareness of the many regional variations pf moves plus the different steps & styles that are used in different places.

Dance Lindy! Swing Dance! Do it!

Bottom Line: You don’t special shoes or mad skills to learn Basic Swing dance moves (or Lindy hop moves), but should you locate you really appreciate it and want to dance regularly then a pair of good shoes would be a good idea.

Whether you decide to take an introductory lesson or you become an enthusiast, Swing Dancing or learning to dance Lindy is an enjoyable pastime that is pretty easy to pick up and fun to do.